About Me

inner-img1 PEGGY J. WERTHEIM, Surface Design Artist
Silk Batik, Silk Shibori, Silk Painting

Serendipity: the occurrence of discoveries by chance in a happy, positive, inspiring way.

To me this is the perfect word to describe my sensational Silk Wearable Art and unique color palettes. Serendipitous describes the artistic inspiration for my designs as I meld and disperse colors on silks using the art forms of batik, shibori and silk painting.

I have always been enthralled with and fascinated by color. What a thrill to be able to combine and interpret all these art forms into my Silk Wearable Art. The designs, colors and effects have become an endless source of creative happiness and surprise, both of which are reflective of the uniqueness of my processes.

My intrigue with silks and dyes began in the 1970’s with the art of batik. Batik is an ancient art form using melted wax and dyes to create a design. My batiks use the traditional method of multiple dye baths to achieve layers of colors. Although this is a time consuming art form, I find it incomparable in its beauty.

As my Batik career evolved, I also taught myself and mastered the art forms of Shibori and Silk Painting. Shibori is a Japanese technique of shaping, wrapping, stitching and securing fabric prior to dyeing. I often combine these techniques into my Wearable Art Silks. These One-Of-A-Kind designs and colors reflect a balance of my career with my studies of Eastern philosophies and French Impressionism culminating with degrees from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

In conjunction with working in my studio, I often teach workshops, give lectures and am frequently an Artist-in-Residence for K-12 students, all of which I enjoy tremendously. How wonderful to see the great joy on the faces of my students as they explore and discover the art forms that I love.

What could be better than creating batik, shibori and silk paintings? The endless possibilities of new Silk Wearable Art challenges, thrills and rewards me. Serendipity every day for you and for me!